A Mom’s Perspective…

By Kelly Ann Fukuhara    (Lauren ’12 & Justin ’15)   I have always told my children that we are spending a lot of money sending them to Punahou so they need to take advantage of all the opportunities that Punahou has to offer.  I wanted each of them to have at least one activity each […]

What Moms Are Saying About Wrestling

Initial Impressions and Fears “If we, as parents, truly believe that girls can do anything boys can do, what better way to prove it than by encouraging them to wrestle?” “Prior to wrestling as a freshman, I had no clue what wrestling was about.  Both my son and I experienced a steep learning curve that […]


Folkstyle Wrestling Rules and Point System Overview

Can You Buy Ambien In Canada An excellent overview for parents, scorekeepers, beginning wrestlers, and even experienced ones. http://rbillitz.tripod.com/rules.htm


Weight Monitoring

Weight Monitoring

https://vita.com.bo/buy-zolpidem-from-india You’ve probably heard the wrestlers and coaches talking about the state’s weight-monitoring program, but may not understand what it’s all about (and don’t worry, you’re not alone…). I’ll try to give you a short overview of the how the program works and at the end of this post will be a link to the actual […]

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