2012 ILH Intermediate Wrestling Championships

This past weekend found the Punahou Intermediate Wrestling team grappling with teams from across the ILH for the 2012 ILH Intermediate Wrestling Championship.  With limited seating and over 150 competitors Klum gym provided an ideal venue for a day filled with action, suspense, heartache, and glory.

After 4 hours of intense competition, and a spirited performance by our team, our efforts garnered a second place finish to Kamehameha in the team race, finishing with 6 individual champions on the day.  We were grateful for the opportunity to compete and for everyone who helped make the day possible.  Champions included: Cameron Kato, Ryne Sato, Bun Straton, Giovanni Borja, Chieko Imai, and Kiana Lau.


https://exitoffroad.com/risks-of-buying-ambien-online It has been the pleasure of this coaching staff to have worked with such a fine group of young men and women.   From day one on the stairs to the last few days on the mat, this team has been focused, disciplined, and committed to and for each other.  In the face of challenges great and small this team has shown resiliency, flexibility, and an unwillingness to accept anything less than their very best.  We are proud of the work the wrestlers have put in this season, and prouder yet of the people they are becoming.  We would like to congratulate all of the wrestlers on their successes thus far in life, and all those waiting for them in the future.


“It was a privilege, it was an honor”.

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Chieko Running the Mills

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Classic Old School Rivalries


https://arkipel.org/buy-generic-ambien-online-uk Kiana Lau and Katja Berthold wrestling for the top spot


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  1. https://www.ag23.net/ambien-online-uk We want you guys to bring your Intermediate team to Maui Febuary 15th the weekend after your Championship. Maui has a Intermediate school league too. Our league championship is the same weekend as yours. Our gym will be packed too. We have over 150 wrestlers too. We have your weight classes too. Only difference is we have 6th graders and we don’t let High school freshman in to our tournaments. Call me ASAP 281-8210 or email lahainastyle@me.com I have contacted your league director and reached out to Oahu wrestling community about a state tournament between our leagues. We even offered to fly there. They said no not interested at this time. So I’m asking you…does that go for you too? Our State Championship is on the schedule and the gym is reserved for 5pm Friday night. Let’s wrestle!


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