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The Clash VIII – Day 1

Warming up for our first match Day 1 of The Clash is in the books and it was a day of good, but frustrating, wrestling. We dropped two dual meets to very good teams, but can’t help be frustrated that both duals seemed to turn on a single match. Overall we wrestled well and were head to head with one of the top teams in Minnesota (Plainville-Elgin-Millville) and the defending Colorado state champions (Ponderosa). But if not for a couple of mistakes, each of the duals could have gone our way.

Buy Zolpidem We finished the day with a win against Byron (MN), a local team that answered the call to come to the tournament just last night. As such, they had some holes in their lineup and a few wrestlers who couldn’t make weight on such short notice. In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, a bad snow storm forced several teams to drop out of the tournament at the last minute. Byron and Zumbroda-Mazeppa both stepped up and entered the tournament with little preparation and helped make sure the brackets were balanced.

Buying Zolpidem Study Hall After grabbing a late lunch, the boys rested back at the hotel before their 7p study hall. We have an early start tomorrow so lights out will be at 9. Overall, we’re proud of the effort we put forth today, but need to work on eliminating some of the mistakes we made. Tomorrow we’ll be in Pool 7 and looking forward to squaring off against three more tough teams. Our shuttle to weigh-ins leaves at 6:30am and our matches will be at 9:00a, 11:00a, and 1:00p. Buy Zolpidem In India Match Results Loss to Plainville-Elgin-Millville (MN) 28 – 37

Zolpidem Order Lorazepam Loss to Ponderosa (CO) 31 – 39

Buy Ambien Uk Win over Byron (MN)

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  1. Sid Thompson says: Punahou fans I am uploading the Byron dual and Ponderosa to be viewed in our archive section. Please give this some time as they may not be available until the AM. Not the fastest upload from the hotel so I am burning some midnight oil again! LOL Gotta love my job what we won’t do to support high school sports but worth every second as we wouldnt have it any other way. Also, as you were well aware I was in the stands wiht no tripod so please excuse the shakiness from time to time. And by the way thanks for the chocolate covered macadamians!!!!!! My favorite.

  2. Sid Thompson says:

    Thought I would send you a quick link to an interview The Clash Marketing Director Randy Cirksena did with Matt over the weekend. It was great talking to all of you and following your team throughout the tourney. I hope we can see you back again in the future. Lets hope the weather cooperates a bit better. Rumor has it that its going to be around 20-30 degrees sometime this week! I better get out my my shorts and surfboard out now! LOL

    Thank you all again for taking the time to come out to our great state and participate in The Clash. Good luck the remainder of your season.

    Sid Thompson
    Dir of Partnerships & Sales
    Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network

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