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Clash Dual to be Webcast on Jan 8 From Steve Patton, Tournament Director for the Clash:

We are planning on broadcasting Punahou’s second round match live over the internet during the Clash (11 am Central time on January 8, 2010). Parents and fans who are not able to make the trip will be able to watch the second round dual (for free) on Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network: Also, fans will be able to track all match-by-match results on ( Fans will get match scores at the conclusion of each match (instead of at the end of the dual). There are even other services (some of them have fees) for real-time (point-by-point scoring) and text message updates.

If you’re following us on twitter (pwpcoach), I’ll tweet any updates regarding our start time. Mahalo Steve!


2 Responses to “Clash Dual to be Webcast on Jan 8”
  1. Sid Thompson says:

    Good luck to your team! We are looking forward to covering The Clash and are excited to be able to bring your fans live coverage back home. Our guest color commentator for this dual will be former 3-time All-American at the U of MN Jake “Christmas” Volkmann. Most recent participated in the UFC 108 event at the MGM in Las Vegas, this past Saturday.

    Order Zolpidem Overnight FYI every dual we will broadcasting will be archived that you can go back and watch at your leisure. We will also have CDs/DVDs that can be purchased with a percentage of the proceeds going back to The Clash to help them offset any costs putting this great event on!

    Happy New Year to everyone! Make it a great day! It may be cold here but inside the RCTC it will be hot with all these exciting wrestling action taking place.

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    Sid Thompson Dir of Partnerships & Sales Minnesota Sports Broadcast Network

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