January Pumas Updates from Coach Mike

Buying Ambien In Canada Welcome back Punahou Pumas!??We hope you all had a productive, fun and safe holiday season.??Your coaching staff is excited to be back on the mat and we hope you are all ready to learn, play and wrestle!??We had a pair of great practices this past week and we have begun to shift our emphasis from wrestling in the neutral position to wrestling on the mat.??In the coming weeks we will be focusing on breakdowns, riding, and pinning combinations from the top position.??From the bottom position we will be working on escapes, reversals and hand control.


We are fortunate to have Punahou Puma founder and academy math professor Jack Belli back with the team.??He has finished his sabbatical at the University of Hawaii and will be returning to practice next week.??For those of you, who don’t know Coach Jack please feel free during or after practice to introduce yourselves.??Welcome back Coach Jack!


https://exitoffroad.com/buy-zolpidem-online-australia Unfortunately once again, we will be temporarily parting with one of our coaches.??Coach Nelson Nomura will be traveling to London for work next month and won’t be back until April.??Nelson was an incredibly important asset to our program this season as a coach and parent volunteer.??His knowledge of the sport and kind demeanor on and off the mat will be sorely missed.??We wish you the best with your endeavors and look forward to your return Coach Nelson!

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