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UPDATED (JAN21): Schedule for this weekend

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Just to clarify our schedule this weekend, Girls and Varsity teams will be wrestling in the Dual Meet Tournament on Friday (5:30p start) and Saturday (2:00p start) at Iolani. We will be wrestling a round-robin team tournament (meaning we wrestle every other ILH team). Schedules are posted below.

JV and Intermediate teams will be wrestling on Saturday only, at St. Louis starting at 10:00a.

As always, if you have any questions please email me or Coach Oney.

Updated Jan 21:

From Coach Al Torres regarding Saturday’s Inter/JV competition at St. Louis:

I have been recently informed that there will be a football combine registration starting at 7:30 am this Saturday and they are expecting a large group of kids participating in this all day event. We also have a ILH soccer game, Chaminade basketball, some kind of retreat, and who knows what else. Needless to say parking is going to be horrific. I would like to emphasize I did not know nor approve the combine event for that day.

Dual Meet Tournament Schedule

Friday, January 22


Home Visitor Mat Time
Kamehameha Punahou Next Available 6:30p (est.)
Iolani Pac-5 Next Available 6:30p (est.)


Home Visitor Mat Time
St. Louis Iolani 1 5:30p
Punahou Pac-5 2 5:30p
Kamehameha Damien 3 5:30p
Iolani Pac-5 Next Available
Kamehameha St. Louis Next Available
Damien Punahou Next Available

Saturday, January 23


Home Visitor Mat Time
Pac-5 Punahou Next Available 3:00p (est.)
Iolani Kamehameha Next Available 3:00p (est.)
Iolani Punahou Next Available
Pac-5 Kamehameha Next Available


Home Visitor Mat Time
Iolani Kamehameha 1 2:00p
Damien Pac-5 2 2:00p
St. Louis Punahou 3 2:00p
Iolani Damien Next Available
Punahou Kamehameha Next Available
St. Louis Pac-5 Next Available
Punahou Iolani Next Available
Damien St. Louis Next Available
Pac-5 Kamehameha Next Available

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